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KaDeWe Fashion Shows + Competition

If you are interested in applying for the KaDeWe Fashion Shows + Competition, please head down to KaDeWe to fill out an application. KaDeWe is looking for models for a series of nine shows (one a week) to feature designers of the KaDeWe mall. Each week one model out of the show will be selected by Corporate KaDeWe to be that week’s winner. After all the shows are done, each week’s winner will compete in a final competition. The grand prize winner will receive a 10,000 linden gift certificate to the in-world KaDeWe mall, and a trip to Berlin, Germany to visit the real KaDeWe store. If you are not selected for one week, your name and application will be kept and you may be called for an interview for another week.

Each week, practice will be either on Saturday or Sunday (plan 3-4 hours) and one on Monday evening (all SLT times). Every Tuesday the fashion show will start at 12:00pm slt (rolecall at 11am). You will need to commit to these times as they are mandatory to learn the walk, fit the clothing and practice the final walk.

Maitreya runway walk is required (no others) and at least 6 poses. Do NOT use tippy toe or full back poses. Quick Pose Huddle is recommended, as well as a walk replacer, or AO/HUD control.

Any other questions, please contact me, Summer Deadlight.


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