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Vargas Releases Rorschach Colors & ~Mystic Sky~ Opens

Look closely at this necklace.  What do you see?  I present to you Alexandar Vargas recent release Rorschach in Amethyst and Londonblue.  For those who don’t know, Rorschach is a psychological inkblot test in which the patient looks at a picture and tells the psychiatrist what he or she sees.  Each person looking at the same inkblot might see something completely different from the next and what you might see can be analyzed by a professional to determine the state of your emotional or mental health.  Leave it to the clever Alex to create jewelry in the form of colorful inkblots.  I shall tell you what I see because I’m unafraid to be psychologically analyzed by the fashion community at large.  *chuckles*

Vargas New Release & Misty Sky Grand Opening11

Vargas New Release & Misty Sky Grand Opening1

I wonder if you’ll be able to see this too, but I see the most adorable long-eared puppy dog with his tongue hanging out.  And if I look again then I see a mighty spider queen about to give birth to a zillion baby spiders!  I think I like the first one better doctor.  o.O

Rorschach is really a fascinating collection as is typical of Alex’s work.  Did I say that like I’m a fan of the mysterious AV?  Haha…well…that’s because I am!  This set comes with the necklace, two dangling earrings, two cuffs for the wrists and a very noticeable ring for very pretty hands.  It comes in Amethyst and Londonblue as you see here but also in the store you’ll find Black Opal, Amber, Pink Opal, Raw Citrine and Ruby.

Vargas New Release & Misty Sky Grand Opening2

Vargas New Release & Misty Sky Grand Opening3

Vargas New Release & Misty Sky Grand Opening12

While I was trying to decide which dress to wear with Londonblue, I decided to pay a visit to a brand new store called ~Mystic Sky~ and the owner happened to be there.  It was such a pleasure to meet Skyler John that I decided I would feature two of her new gowns in this post.  I found her friendly and very helpful, just the type of place you don’t mind spending your hard-earned lindens.

Vargas New Release & Misty Sky Grand Opening4

Vargas New Release & Misty Sky Grand Opening7

~Mystic Sky~ is where you can go if you’re looking for very pretty medieval-style gowns or the type of dresses you would roleplay in.  The amount of sims on the grid where Skyler’s dresses would be appropriate is endless.  As you can see above, the Serendipity gown in Blue is just gorgeous.  If it looks to be whisper soft in the picture, believe it.  It flutters gently around your hidden legs as you walk.  You feel utterly feminine with the strapless, bust-uplifting bodice and flowing, standalone sleeves on the arms.  The skirt flows clear to the floor, completely covering your feet.

The gown I chose to wear with the Amethyst Rorschach is called Ella in Plum and it’s a classic dress that has a simple appeal with subtle details sure to make a lady roleplaying in the medieval era smile.  I love the way it shows off the shoulders and hugs the breasts and waistline before moving down to the skirt that hugs the hips with soft, flowing fabric and an intricate though subdued path of patterned fabric down the front to frame a clearly medieval-style belt worn at the start of the hips and turning into a sash of sorts.  It extends to the ground along with the skirt.  Ella can be worn with or without a gorgeous full cloak.  Take a look and see how the amethyst Rorschach compliments it when not wearing the cloak.

Vargas New Release & Misty Sky Grand Opening13

Vargas New Release & Misty Sky Grand Opening9

Vargas New Release & Misty Sky Grand Opening10
First Ensemble:

Jewels:  by Alexander Fine Jewelry Rorschach in Londonblue

Dress: ~Mystic Sky~ Serendipty in Blue

Hair:  Pazazz Eternal in Midnight

Skin:  Rockberry Uma Tan Dark Brows C

Nails: Orage Creations

Second Ensemble:

Jewels:  By Alexander Fine Jewelry Rorschach in Amethyst

Dress: ~Mystic Sky~ Ella in Plum

Hair:  Influence Hair by Naughty Crave in Black Pearl

Skin:  Rockberry Uma Tan Dark Brows B

Nails:  Laqroki 02

Here is an SLURL to By Alexander Fine Jewelry and another SLURL to the all new ~Mystic Sky~.  If you happen to land on the ground at ~Mystic Sky~ there is a Sex Furniture store called Southern Horizons.  Isn’t that a plus??  Well it’s not my intention to send you there in any regard so hopefully the SLURL will take you to the proper place far up in the sky.  *grins*

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