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Hair Fair 2011

I just finished marching diligently through over 100 stores on four sims that make up this year’s Hair Fair. Why do I do this, put up with the lag and crashes and slow rezzing? It’s about charity. It’s about new hair styles.  And, well,  my friend Nemi said it best, “It’s an institution, like the Macy’s Day Parade.” In order to give an overall feel to this year’s event for my lag-averse friends, I picked a personal favorite hair at each sim. None of the hair is demo. I voted for each hair with my pocketbook and I am happy that some portion of the sale will go to this year’s charity of choice, Wigs for Kids.


My favorite here was Dara from Pocket Mirrors, created by Alair Cortes whose designs represent the kind of classic hair styling that never fades away.


My pick is Meena from Hairoin. Designer Elke Banting creates a a wide variety of styles, everything from everyday to punk, goth, vampire and cyber. I’m not sure which style this one is.


It’s my pleasure to welcome back a blast from the past, Sparkle Skye. Designer Dominus Skye is a Second Life institution; from games to clothes to hair. Moira cleverly incorporates little delicate jewels formed into flowers in the hair and won over my heart.


Another pleasant surprise was the Wendy hair design from Diorsis Rossini. This style house takes inspiration from the latest in real life european salons and brings it to second life. Every once in a while I get feedback that my styling is conservative. I dare someone to call this hair conservative!

Best in Show

In typical Kate fashion, my favorite hair at this year’s Hair Fair was not in a shop. It was on the head of another shopper. The hair, simply called “A”, caught my eye immediately. Right after the Hair Fair, I went to Magika Island to get this latest creation from Sabina Gully. After a long search, I eventually wandered into the discounts section at the back of Magika and there was; “A” for 49L! Most styles at Hair Fair listed for 250L. I took the 201L I saved, went back to Hair Fair and donated it. There are donation kiosks at each Hair Fair sim landing point.

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