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Kate’s Monthly

To whom it may concern,
You’ve been deleted from my friends list. You are probably asking yourself “why?” Usually it happens after I receive a series of blind teleports or spam. Friends don’t do that to friends. On the other hand, you may have recently developed or revealed an addictive personality, detached reality, lack of life planning, suspect judgement, pernicious depression, delusions of grandeur, divatude, avarice, purveyor of vile gossip; any of a host of ailments that make a person generally un-fun to be around. Or you may actually be a fun person to be around; but you know that little personality quirk of yours? The one I thought was so cute when I first met you? Now every time you do it makes me feel crazy. You may be a horse person. I am so done with horses. I may have just looked at your name by chance and asked myself… who is this person?

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