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Linden Realms

Happy Holidays! If you are like me, second living under a second rock for the last couple months, maybe you missed Linden Lab’s launch of Realms; the “only substantive first-party game” within the SL game. What has this to do with fashion and modeling? Nothing. I haven’t blogged in two months. Gimme a break.

The object of Realms is to collect crystals, avoid hazards like rocks, fireballs, toxic water, complete quests and earn $L. Since a premium account was no longer necessary to play Realms, I had all the incentive this intrepid adventurer needed to check the portal out.

The minute I walked  into the game area… I was stunned. I felt like Alice through the looking glass. I was transported into a completely different environment that challenged my very assumptions about virtual worlds. My head reeled with the abstract, primitive shaped strangeness. Tall ovoids I am sure were supposed to represent trees, but with the green at the bottom and the brown trunk on the top. I was chased by nightmares right out of a cubist, impressionist painting. I died (teleported back to starting point) for random and inexplicable reasons. There were signs but they were illegibile or nearly so or if I looked at them from a distance and squinted they sort of made words with some letters inverted, some not, maybe entire words backwards. The Realms HUD went wonky on me. I wandered the game area for a couple hours in a complete daze, not knowing what to expect, surprises and amazements around every corner.

The next morning (I am usually much smarter in the morning for some reason) it occurred to me maybe using Viewer 2 might improve that wonky HUD. I set aside my beloved Phoenix Viewer 1, loaded up Second Life’s Viewer 2 and went back through the Realms portal.

Oh… everything looks rather ordinary now. All those weird shapes must have been mesh objects. Suddenly everything makes sense. The signs were legible. There were easy and obvious paths and directions to follow. The HUD worked. In less than a half hour I completed the quests and was done with the game. Hmmmm, I rather liked the way rock monsters looked before.

My post-apocalyptic, nihlist friend Alter has pronounced Realms “LL’s pathetic attempt to make SL interesting and compelling again”. That’s one point of view. I found it a diversion. It reminded me of my first days in SL. It was free. I had fun. I made $23L. OK, there’s your fashion tie-in… that’s more fun and money than I have made modeling over the last two months.

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