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Some people will think I hate MVW

You will have to aggressively project a hater stereotype on me to make that work. People that know me will never believe you. That being said; how did I go from fan to contestant to correspondent to executive to someone who cringes in distaste and embarrassment at the mere mention of MVW? Three things…
Arrogance: If you don’t believe this contest is the pinnacle of fashion and taste in SL, then you don’t know anything.
Hypocrisy: The more the event is hyped, the more appalling it is when it fails to live up to any of its own standards.
Exploitation: Finally, there is the unspeakable emotional damage inflicted on many of its participants. It could be said that being a contestant is voluntary and they only have themselves to blame. It is true that embarrassment, humiliation, mortification are inescapable. They are part of the human condition. My complaint is with a contest which lies in wait to profit from those whose only fault was to dare to hope, to dream.

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