About Runway Kidz

Runway Kidz is a group of models, both new and experienced, in Second Life that have joined together to form a support network for one another. The modeling industry in SL is not just competitive, but there are models coming in and going out of the industry at a fast paced rate. The group was created to have a place where we can work together to support one another with encouragement, be a part of a team of those who can understand what its like to walk runways, print/store ads, and other fashion events, and to distribute information concerning contests, competitions, agency casting calls, events, parties and any other situations that a model may be needed.

Our goals are to not just emotionally support one another, but to grow and expand our experiences, whether one just wants to model or if one wants to delve even deeper into the fashion world and explore photography, production, model mentoring, model training, blogging, public relations with designers and agencies, machinimas, runway choreography, style design, appearance consulting and portfolio help.

How did we form? Quite a few of us entered the 12 Avatar Calendar Competition back in September, and we used the group chat for just regular chatter. Yvonne Pintens suggested that we make our own group so we could continue talking without spamming the formal group and I had been contemplating on a support network group (and really wanted to use the name Runway Kidz) because I personally realized and experienced how much work and time modeling can take; no matter what type. So I formed the group and invited quite a few of the models I had met through 12 Avatars and through Miss SL Tropics. The word spread and we currently (as of December 10, 2007) have 85 working models and we are adding more models everyday.

Why would models need a support group? The fashion industry in SL is growing faster and more agencies are forming, more shows are being produced and exhibited, stores and magazines hold model contests and there are only so many open slots available. The time it takes for a model to prepare their avatar, find a selection of skins, hair, accessories, and make a shape that is presentable is not static, it is an ongoing process to keep up with your modeling peers and the industries needs. A portfolio is necessary to keep on hand and updated, which includes different photos and sometimes a CV (Curriculum Vitae/Resume), to hand into various agencies and organizers, so a model can turn it in to agencies and organizers by deadlines. Also during fashion shows, there is time necessary for practice, fittings, designer help, coordinating with trainers, and scheduling your RL time to be able to participate.

As you can see there is alot of time and work involved in this whole process and those who choose to be a part of this world as just a model have made a commitment to be prepared, to be professional, to be qualified to be chosen. There is one thing that is ever present in the model world: not being chosen. Competitions can be difficult when there is just one or two winners (sometimes more), or modeling calls where they will pick five models out of 20+ applicants. The reality is that it is highly competitive and not everyone will be chosen for something. This is also a way that Runway Kidz acts as a support network, because we all realize these things, and yet we still strive to participate and put ourselves out there to receive our own personal rewards and goals through our modeling efforts. Finally, it is always good to have friends, acquaintances, and peer support to go through the success and disappointments together.

Through Runway Kidz, we hope that working models, both old and new, will find the information they need, the help to improve theirselves through workshops and events within the group, as well as keeping up to date on events, activities and shows that are constantly being held in SL. It is encouraging to realize we can band together and work together and not feel so alone in the fashion jungle.

+Summer Deadlight+
Founder, Team Leader

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