Fact Sheet


A group for models in Second Life(tm) who have various experiences in the modeling world. This group is where we where we can chat about current jobs, fashion, share landmarks and tips. Learn about open calls and competitions, and provide each other with friendship, support and a family feeling as we go about our individual paths.

I Give Good Face

I Give Good Blog (for RK Bloggers)

The group was put together by models for models who needed a place to share amd learn. There’s Fashion Energency for all of SL Fashion but we are focused specially as a forum for models.

Invitiation only. Open to both males and females. We require at least one fashion show/ad/modeling experience from a professional organization.

Open to ALL models of SL. NO Agency management.


Summer Deadlight – Founder

Alianna Logan – Officer/Blogger/Photographer
Mavi Beck – Officer
Laura18 Streeter – Officer
Kate Stockholm – Officer/Blogger
Nemi McCoy – Officer
Payton Heron – Officer (on Hiatus)
Anessa Stine –  Officer
Takeshi Kiama – Officer
Gamp Lane – Officer (on Hiatus)
Iustinian Tomsen – Officer (on Hiatus)
Winter Jefferson – Officer
Barbarella Fuosing – Officer
Mui Mukerji – Officer (on Hiatus)
Fann Hyun – Officer

Hey we’re Runway Kidz!
We walk the walk,
talk the talk, and
look good doing it!

Prepared by Payton Heron, Designer/PR Team Leader
October 11, 2007

  1. September 21, 2010 at 7:37 am

    Hi, nice to meet you !

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