Runway Kidz Blog Staff

Meet the Runway Kidz blog staff!

Summer Deadlight – Founder


Summer was created on 13 November 2006. I fill many roles at the moment. I am the founder and team leader of Runway Kidz, both the in-world group and our web blog. I am currently with  Avenue Models,  TOOSexy Magazine Model, Nocturne Modeling Agency, Opium Fashion Agency, BeStyle Fashion District Agency, JM Models, Modavia Productions and Modavia Supermodels. I have both frontstage and backstage experience and enjoy both aspects of the modeling world.

In August 2007 I won the Miss SL Tropics competition, it was a really wonderful, exciting and interesting experience. I have really made some wonderful friends through that competition, as well as other modeling jobs that I have participated in. I placed 4th in overall votes in the 12 Avatars competition in September 2007 and co-won the Audacious Top 20 search. I was featured in The Best of SL’s “Top 25 Most Beautiful Avatars” in November 2007 and have done many shows as well as getting into backstage production. I was Miss USA during the Best of SL’s 1st Miss Virtual World Pageant 20008, and placed within the top 5, and was nominated as one of the top 5 Models in SL during the Best of SL’s 2008 award ceremony. I was RUNWAY Magazine’s July 2008 cover model and I also taught Modeling 101 through Avenue Model Academy from 2008-2010.

I am neko, so I have varied designers that I like. I love Runway Kidz and all that it represents; friendship, support, information, conversation, and a collective group of unique and interesting individuals to know.

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