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This month I want to talk about a new skin from Belleza called Aiko. The name and description clearly intend this skin to portray an Asian female. I find this novel, unusual marketing for Second Life.

I have come to expect Asian influence expressed in anime style skins with very light complexions, large eyes and big hair. Instead, this skin comes in four tones; pale, medium, tan and deep tan. There is a classical, buttery texture to the skin at distance. There is fine detail in close up.  This is a great skin for modeling, rewarding any SL viewer at any camera distance.

If you belong to the Belleza Update group you can get one Aiko makeup in each of the four skin tones for free. I’ve got to warn you though, its very hard to own just one Belleza skin. The line and full pack options are priced so cleverly I almost always end up getting all 16  makeup options. The full pack also included bonus lipstick colors on the tattoo layer. I can mix and match any eye and lip color combination, multiplying the makeup options.

Despite these well made qualities and enthusiastic feedback from friends, when I first got the skin, I wasn’t sure what I thought. So I gave it some time before I wrote about it. I have now been living with this skin for about a month and… I like it. This would be the point where my BFFF, Cheer, chimes in and says “See Kate, I told ya so.”

See this skin through the lens of Cherie Parker in the June issue of Scruplz Magazine, pages 86,87,92,93.  http://issuu.com/scruplz/docs/scruplz_issue__14_june_with_links

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The best shoes in SL!

Welcome to Kate’s monthly SL blog/rant.

I just returned from the 4th annual SL Shoe Fair and are my feet tired! After reviewing over 50 vendor’s worth of shoes, I have chosen my personal favorite of 2011.  I want to tell you after 5 years in SL I have become a battle hardened shopper; frugal with my footsie affections. I am no longer going to fall head over heels for the first shoe that winks or whispers my name. I don’t want to wear the shoe everyone else is wearing. I want to wear the shoe I like. In order to win this fickle affection, a shoe must be stylish, novel and not cost an arm and a leg.

So it might not be a surprise that I did not actually find my favorite 2011 shoe at the Shoe Fair. I saw it at the Glance International Agency Relay for Life Charity Auction. I chased the model backstage with my camera and IM’d her telling her how much I liked her styling, the shoes n particular (hint, hint). She told me they came with the outfit. The black silk shoes were from BD Designs. I went to her store to buy a pair immediately after the show, but I couldn’t find them! Yikes.

Clearly it was time to introduce myself to Briher Destiny. As designer and owner of BD Designs, she told me she used the shoe shape frequently, but only sold them with complete outfits.  These scripted shoes are resizeable, come with the typical skin and toenail HUD and everything you need to wear them with either viewer 1 or viewer 2.

I went back to the store and sure enough,  was able to buy the shoes in combination with a black and white jumpsuit outfit… for $199L. My advice to you is to run… don’t walk to BD Fashions for Her, Earthsea Isle (29, 189, 23) and buy yourself the best shoes in SL before Briher Destiny changes her mind.

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The Garment Rack: Fashion-Nation Season One!

April 29, 2011 Leave a comment

I know! I know! It’s been a minute since I’ve brought you anything new but there is very good reason! Besides the normal pulls of the real world, SL has had me especially busy as well. They say when a door closes, another opens. Well, when one door closed for this blogger, another at Virtual World Network opened in the form of a show called Fashion-Nation where I was given the extraordinary opportunity to be host!

What is Fashion-Nation, or Virtual World Network, you may ask. Virtual World Network (VWN1™) – is a Mixed-Reality Internet Television Network, produced and owned by Ishelwood Studio, that aims to take the media landscape by storm, by bringing both virtual and real worlds closer together though innovative, mixed reality media and HD quality entertainment. Fashion-Nation, provides a forum for fresh talented designers that wish to show their latest collections and while doing so provide some insight on their designs and inspiration to our viewer.

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Quickie Interview with a Fashion Diva

Q. It’s said sims come to a stand still at your arrival. To what to you attribute this? Raw star power?

A. Render cost. Everyone is downloading my 6000 prim hair and my 12000 prim dress. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Q. Is it true your many typos, bad spelling, questionable grammar, poorly constructed emotional arguments and incoherently presented views are mainly due to being bilingual?

A. Sorry Kate, I only like the boys.

Q. Is it true you will do anything to be at the pinnacle of trendiness and cutting edge fashion sensibility?

A. Give me your shirt. NOW!

Q. You are rumored to be so high maintenance that the only possible way you could have a partner is if it was an alt…

A. Not true! Some men will put up with almost anything to get next to a girl with a little something extra (wink).


Ummm… well… that about wraps up this month’s interview. I love SL. See you all in-world.

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231,409L donated to Toys for Tots

December 12, 2010 Leave a comment

I just wanted to express my gratitude for all the kind and generous people who turned out in support of the Last Call Charity Runway Show and Live Auction. When Cheer and I hatched this event over a month ago, I don’t think we had any idea of its eventual scope or success. The event generated… I’m not great with numbers… I think something like $900USD. A lot of toys for children this Christmas,  for sure. Thanks to JM Models for hosting this event. Special thanks to Jewell Munro and River Stromfield, who ran non-stop the whole auction marathon.

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Last Call Charity Runway Show and Live Auction

December 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Saturday 11 December, 2010

Starts at 6PM slt and goes till all dresses are auctioned off

Location:  JM Models Fashion House http://slurl.com/secondlife/Diesel/25/196/23

*Last Call* outfits, created by the late and great Ginny Talamasca, are no longer available in Second Life. They are as rare as diamonds and equally as beautiful.  In one final sale before Last Call closed their doors, all outfits were made transferrable.
Kate Stockholm and CheerCoach4EJS Gymnast rallied many generous people in Second Life to donate their transferrable LAST CALL outfits to benefit the Toys for Tots Charity.  These outfits feature high resolution texturing that was cutting edge for the time they where created and to this day still remain timeless and well made.

The management and models at JM Models Modeling Agency are supporting this mammoth event and in the spirit of giving, have organised a SHOW and LIVE AUCTION where bidding is open to anyone wanting to support this great charity as well as own a gorgeous rare *Last Call* outfit.  All Linden donations are welcome even if you’re not bidding.
We anticipate this show will last for a few hours as we aim to auction off every outfit.  Outfits not sold at the live auction will be placed on auction boards at the JM Models sim so people can come and bid on them at their own leisure – bidding closes Sunday 12th Dec midnight.
The total amount raised for this great charity will be announced via http://jmmodels.wordpress.com and all respective promotional sites and inworld groups shortly after the show. Donations will be given to http://www.toysfortots.org
For more information please contact Kate Stockholm and/or Jewell Munro in-world.

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Bad Photos

December 10, 2010 Leave a comment

I guess when it comes down to it… I might not actually be the gorgeous avvie I imagine myself to be. I manage to get some really bad photos taken of me by some really good SL photographers. Bad photos… I guess they happen to everybody. Most don’t usually end up in magazines. Sigh.

This one was taken by my friend and great SL photographer, Aliyeh Yifu for the July issue of Opulent Magazine. Every time I look at the glitch where the prims of the collar meet the coat… I cringe. It’s my fault they look this way. I should have checked the fit once the pose was chosen. Bad, bad model!

Do I keep this photo around to remind me what a bad stylist I am? Nope. I keep it because it reminds me of one evening with Wena and Jens and Cheer. We always did stuff together; constantly goofing around or dancing or creating mayhem. Every evening in SL was our playground. This one night was special. We were transfixed by a vision of beauty. A lady with an outrageous amount of bling, big blonde hair, towering stilettos, dressed in a bikini and a long, flowing white fur coat. We were inspired. We knew exactly what had to be done. We all bought long white fur coats. We made a group called “Baby Seal Convention”. We went to a live J-pop concert and confused people. Oh yes. What a night.

OK, this photograph was taken by another great photographer, Tara Voskhod. It was for fri.day designer jeans which appeared in the very last issue of SXY2ND (Sexy Second) Magazine. It was taken off angle making my fat head even fatter and my skinny legs even skinnier. I am happy about the black fingernails since they made it obvious my size 10 hands were too small. But I digress… why would I keep this photo? Cause its not about me. It’s not even about saying goodbye to SXY2ND Magazine. It’s about one of those rare SL friends. One with whom a relationship seemed to simply and effortlessly grow and thrive in richness and depth. He left SL and this is my way of saying goodbye to him. I wish that wherever he is, life finds him and Cooper warm, healthy and happy.

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