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Moda Italia Presents Elisea Carter

Moda Italia is the most renowned Italian fashion agency in Second Life, founded in 2006 by Edika and Ludovica Hax, after a hiatus it is now being run by Anna Rokocoko, CEO.   Throughout the years, it’s stood out for being professional and for the quality of  its work.  It is the only Second Life representative for the famous real life brand Versace and owns the rights of the original Miss Italia SL contest.

Anna Rokocoko is the owner of KoKo Fashion Couture and co-owner of the Versace Project in SL.  The show on June 18th, 2009 was held on the very nice ISIDE sim for Gold In The Night by Elisea Carter.  This was my first time hearing of this designer, which I suppose is the reason to go to fashion shows.  *smiles*  Gold In The Night by Elisea Carter is haute couture, elegant, sexy, intriguing gowns that have that distinct Italian flare which many of us fashionistas love to wear.

Hostess for the show was the lovely Ludovica Hax and though it was done completely in Italian (I don’t speak a word of Italian), I found the show very enjoyable and thought the models selected for it did a splendid job of presenting the gowns.  Walking on the colorful, richly textured runway were:  Labella Farella, Wenadrenia Soderstrom, KellyKelly Vendetta, Elena Ewing, Dahlia Joubert and Toapz Saunders.

Wenadrenia is always impressive on the runway, making it easy on the photographer (me in this case) to photograph her and I was particularly captured by the striking Dahlia Joubert who seemed to shine in this show.

Wenadrenia Soderstrom6

Wenadrenia Soderstrom and Toapz Saunders2

Dahlia Joubert4

Here I’m including some of my favorite pictures from the show.  If you’d like to see the entire set please click here.  Or you can view them large in Flickr slide show but will need to be logged into your Flickr account for this link to work.

I’m giving a thumbs up for this entertaining show that ended with the models twirling around slowly in ballet-like artistic poses.  I think Moda Italia is off to a great start being back on the fashion scene!  In my dealings with the lovely Anna Rokocoko, I’ve noticed that she’s very friendly, hard-working, attentive and quite the emerging talent.

Labella Farella

Elena Ewing2


Styles of Edo Show (Runway Productions)

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Saturday’s Show – Neko/Goth + Skin/Hair

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Today, Saturday October 18, 2008 RK:1 celebrates alternative fashion designers:  Sweet Leonard, sn@tch, ~silentsparrow~ and Rfyre at the 2pm SLT neko/gothshow.  Then at 5pm SLT marks a huge hair/skin show with a list of great designers:  Lionskins, PXL, Skin Within, MMS, KA Designs, Xtreme Reality Skins, Belleza Skins, Adam n Eve, Zero Style, Exile, Frozen Turquoise Valentine and Persona.  We will end the day with a big six hour party, the whole grid is invited to!  Azufr3 Catteneo, Dahni Ella and me (yep i got the late late dj shift! will be djing for your listening pleasure at the gorgeous and magnificent Tempura Japanese Ballroom.  Sooooooo you early birds in europe and afternoon birds down under and in asia come join me, with everyone else who wants to stay up late State time.

+Summer Deadlight+
Founder, Team Leader
Runway Kidz @ 2008


Saturday, October 18th, 2008

Goth & Neko Fashion Show2pm slt
Skin & Hair Fashion Show 5pm slt

Runway Kidz Public Party at Tempura Island Ballroom
7 – 9 pm slt – DJ Azufr3 Catteneo
9-11pm slt – Djane Dahni Ella
11-1am slt – DJane Summer Deadlight


Face of photoLIFE Pageant

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Details about the Face of photoLIFE Pageant for those following it and haven’t yet found the way to the Opium blog.

Schedule of Events
Face of photoLIFE 2.0 – 2009 Pageant


Saturday, October 11, 2008 @ 7:00 pm SLT Top 20 Party Hosted by Fricker Fracker at the photoLIFE 2.0 Contest Area. Open to the general public. Event to be filmed by Fall Films.

From the many applicants who entered the contest, the top 20 will be revealed.


Sunday, October 12, 2008 @ 7:00 pm SLT – Top 20 Fashion Hunt . The Top 10 will be picked a couple of hours after the Hunt is over. Meeting at the Contest Area, this event is only for the Top 20. Event to be filmed by Fall Films.

Those in the Top 20 will have an opportunity to EARN their way into the top 10.. and win 2000L plus! There will be a scavanger hunt style contest designed for the contestants… wherein the Top 5 finishers will be automatically moved into the final 10. The other 5 will be selected by the Team Opium staff.

10 contestants and 2 alternates will receive 2000L each for use in the level 2 event and be placed in consideration for a modeling position with Opium Fashion Agency.


Sunday, October 26, 2008 @ 7:00 pm SLT – The Top 10 Pageant Public Event – fashion show and public interaction.

A panel of judges will select the Top 5 and 2 alternates that will move on to level 3.
Alternates should be prepared to step in should a contestant not show for the level 3 event.

Top 5 and 2 alternates will receive 3000L in prize money plus a photoLIFE 2.0 Professional Photography Studio (8000L value)
(These Prizes will be awarded during the prize ceremony at the final crowning event ).


Sunday, November 2, 2008 @ 7:00 pm SLT – Black & White Formal Ball – Private Event (Invitation Only)

Final announcement and crowning of the Face of photoLIFE 2.0 2009.

Grand Prize: 20,000L
photoLIFE 2.0 Professional Photography Studio(8000L value)
Casa Italiana Home (15000L value)
Opium Top Model Consideration
Haute Stye & Co. 5000L Gift Card
Adam and Eve 1 multibuy set (up to 2800L value)

Model X Presents Unique Moonsoo

August 22, 2008 3 comments

Timeless, sophisticated, evocative and sensual are all words that can be used to describe the designs of Unique Moonsoo. On Friday, August 22, 2008, the Model X Agency Top Models and Models took to the runway in pairs to showcase Unique’s unique style. From sexy leopard & zebra prints to vibrant red swirling dresses, soft lingerie, and classic skirts that make you want to dance when you put them on, Unique’s store likely has something that will interest every fashionista. To see a close up look at her designs before you even go to the store, you can visit her website at and it comes equipped with SLURL’s so that you can easily teleport if you see something you like.

Designing fashions in Second Life for a year now, this was Unique’s second fashion show. I’m sure we’re going to see many more exciting pieces from this lovely designer. Hostess KarenMichelle Lane gave a cheerful, flowing presentation of the designs worn by: Circe McBride, Di Hoorenbeek, Ella Quinsette, Essie Redgrave, Linnda Scofield, Nemi McCoy, Firedragon Bellios, JeanetD Dryke, Star Foggarty, & SterlingZen Harbour.

With up to four models on the runway at the same time and a bit of lag, the ladies seemed to handle it with ease. I enjoyed the show and I’m sure I’ll be paying another visit to Unique’s store, if not to pet Django then simply to add another very nice piece to my always expanding inventory.

Thank you, Unique Moonsoo and Model X for a great show!

Runway’s Last Port of Call

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On Sunday, Runway Magazine hosted it’s Last Port of Call End of Summer Revue to celebrate the Summer Season as it comes to a close. The venue was breathtaking, set in a picturesque valley with a raging waterfall spraying breezy refreshment from the hot sun. Featuring cruisewear from the salons of Baiastice by Sissy Pessoa and Jador by Ziamela Loon, along with luxurious jewelry selections from Jewelry by Alexandar Vargas, skins by Alinee Jewel of J&J Skins, and the much anticipated new line from Stiletto Moody, Generation 2, we were treated with beautiful models expertly walking a winding runway through the crowd.

The models casted for this spectacular, visually pleasing show were mostly Runway Kidz! But that’s not surprising is it? 😉 They were: Cherie Parker, EmmZ Tzara, Giela Delpaso, Isabel Brocco, Kryptonia Paperdoll, Laura18 Streeter, Nemi McCoy, Payton Heron, Poptart Lilliehook, Scarlett Niven, SerinaJane Loon, and Summer Deadlight. Despite the lag, all of them did a wondrous job of walking what looked to many of us to be a difficult runway. But they made it look easy.

I thoroughly enjoyed this event. Thank you Maggie Mahoney and Molly Dench. It was a hit and the perfect way to sum up the Summer 2008 Season of SL Fashion.

Your Amateur Photographer,
Alianna Logan

VBusiness FashionEXPO presented by Best Of SL & first META

The Boulevard agency Organized 4 fashionshows for this EXPO Staff of Boulevard agency & Best of SL did an awsome job in the front row Jonny Tobias & Giela Delapaso.  All Shows were just great as I walked in two shows myself I was only able to take pics of Day 2. But still you can find some pics from other RK’s such as Anessa Stine from day 3 for example so take a look there if you care 😉 day nr. 2 featured designers such as Naima, Indira Bekkers, ICING and CHEZ.

So just enjoy the pics yours SJ