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City Navy

October 5, 2010 Leave a comment

In my first post for Runway Kidz blog I am going to tell you about my most secret and sacred place … no, not that you pervs!! … it’s my inventory. I don’t know if this happens to you too but I get the best mix & match inspirations while clearing inventory. I mist confess sroting out inventory is a good therapy for me when I get too stressed in SL. I just load “favourites” folder on Sam Broadcaster,  press play and immerse in a world of “to blog”, “to sort”, “to pack” and “to make outfit” folders alternate reality.

City Navy 1

During one of those travels I found a beautiful and elegant navy blue jacket from Emery I had bought weeks before at “The dressing Room” and as soon as I tried it on this prettie was screaming for an outfit to go with. One of my favourite Leezu high waist pants decided to match the texture and colors instantly and this Baiastice top with a fantastic sculpted collar was the perfect finishing touch my mix needed to balance the classy jacket and the fancy pants. Add some Tesla perfection shoes and a cute Baiastice purse and I am ready to go !!

City Navy 2

Outfit Credits:

Skin: Baiastice Pulchra peach

Hair: Baiastice Lucrezia hair attachment

Jacket: Emery Blazer Looked Oil

Shirt: Baiastice Silk Wings in silver

Pants: Leezu Lea Vivendi Pants in silver

Purse: Baiastice Pida bag in silver

Earrings: Baiastice Enigma silver earrings

Lashes: CCD Real Lash Rich Girl

Shoes: Tesla Ziggy Shoes in heaven





Summy Kawaii 2010

July 8, 2010 1 comment


Hello! Its been forever and a day here at Runway Kidz blog.  On prompting from my bestie and cherished peer Winter Jefferson, I’m bringing you this fun look:  Summy Kawaii 2010.  I went to the Albero Summer Gatcha Festival and picked up 2000L worth of Gacha items.  I only have a few in this look, but I have tons in my inventory and hope to pepper them into my daily looks.  Which I plan to show a lot more of.  As a working mainstream and alternative model in SL since 2007, I have become very versatile in my looks and settling for what works best for me.  This is just a facet of my flavors;  just call me Baskin Robbins 31+.

I love these colors! Its very fresh and exciting, not to mention cute.  I always love a Japanese style, they are really in the forefront with so many different fun styles that quite a few genre’s have come from that island country!  Many think of europe for new emerging trends, I totally look towards Asia myself.  But I love all styles and mixing and matching the best.  The outfit was given as a prezzie from Winter, it is ::: B@R ::: Decora Chan.  Decora fashion is so cute! with all the little colorful accessories, hairclips, and layering this is totally WIN!  The outfit includes the skirt, jacket, top, pants, socks, underwear layer, fuzzy leggings, and not shown: a mask and head parts which include hair clips and glasses, but I chose to wear something different.  June Dion always makes affordable and amazing clothing for many years now! ❤ Bare Rose.

I’ve added a bag I bought at Modern Gypsy the other day.  Micah Kanto had a continental breakfast party and I ended up DJ’ing and of course being the fashion kitty I am, I cammed and shopped \o/  This bag is EPIC.  The glasses, as you can see in other photos better, are from =u.u= KaWai – Glasses Pink, a brand by Rossy Darwin.  They come in different colors, but I’m a pink freak so I choose you Pink Glasses!

I want to take a minute and focus on this boombox. Is this not the cutest thing ever!! I got it at the Gacha Summer Festival, and this was a prize from the Gacha machine that Katat0nik Pidgeon made! She is amazing, always making the cutest styles. I played Gacha and got the featured here Kitty Boombox.  I also got the Frog Boombox, the HypnoPanda Boombox, and the Starstruck Boombox.  There are many other types, so you’ll just have to attend the festival, play Gacha and see what you get!

Part of the Gacha Summer Festival I also got these cute ::{u.f.o}::rain boots – ????, which was a rare prize I am guessing from the ???, and the DDD_CS_[6]Watermelon bar came out of a Gacha machine made by Tuki Loon.  This strawberry Adirondack chair came from the Lark Strawberry Festival back in early June.  The hair of course is new and is Tukinowaguma Mireia in Gold.  The skin I got off a lucky board from Mother Goose.  I want to say that I did enhance the first head shot photo with CS5, but the other photos were not post processed, so you can see how the items look as is.  I hope you have a great day!!  Kawaiiiiiii \o/


Outfit:  ::: B@R ::: Decora Chan

Hair:  Tukinowaguma Dora Gold+Flower

Boots:  ::{u.f.o}::rain boots – ????  ( random prize from Gacha Summer Festival) –

Boombox:  Kitty Boombox *Katat0nik*  (random prize from Gacha Summer Fesival) –

Tote:  [MODERN GYPSY]-Pop Culture Bag: “Celebrity”

Glasses:  =u.u= KaWai – Glasses Pink (2009)

Skin:  .::Mother Goose’s::. Lewrence LB (Lucky Board)

Food:  DDD_CS_[6]Watermelon bar ( random prize from Gacha Summer Festival) –

Bare@Rose Appreciation Party

December 11, 2008 Leave a comment

Bare@Rose Appreciation Party

White Wolf (139, 102, 30)

Concluding the Bare@Rose C

hallenge by Winter Jefferson, started on his blog “In Cold Blood”

(taken from his blog)

June Dion and myself were astonished and overwhelmed at the response to the ROSEBUD! challege and so we hatched a nefarious scheme. So yes – this is a party to appreciate all those who appreciated. I think that makes sense. But it’s open to all comers, whther you blogged it, photographed it, read what was going on or just think that B@R isn’t half bad.

It’s at the White Wolf sim which is next to the Bare Rose HQ, and it’s pretty much zero lag. We’ve organised a nice big area so you can rock your Zodiac outfit or whatever you wear without taking out a wide swath of partygoers. DJ Sumkatz – Summer Deadlight – will be there to play a mix of all kinds of music and take requests. And there are prizes and competitions and all kinds of the good stuffs.

So bust out your best moves with us at 6:30 – 9:30pm SLT on Thursday the 11th 2008, not 2009 as my delightful friend Sumz so helpfully tried to lead you all astray by pointing out on this poster. She’s hoping that the supermodel in B@R “Paper Moon” is enough compensation for her error. I tend to agree. I’ll have one more post with the final round of bloglinks up before then, so if you are thinking about it PLEASE go ahead and just post one.

White Wolf (139, 102, 30)

+Summer Deadlight+

Patience Young Model…Patience

August 27, 2008 8 comments
Dahni Ella

Dahni Ella

We already know success, fame and fortune does not happen overnight.  Many real life models speak of how it took years upon years before they found true success and began to see the level of work they had always dreamed of.  The world of Second Life modeling is no different.  As a matter of fact, I would say, in some ways, its a hell of a lot harder.  What we don’t have is managers and agents finding our jobs and making our contacts for us.  So what about models in Second Life?  Who should they turn to for help when it looks as though their careers are going nowhere?  And what do you do when the jobs have died down and you feel as though your once budding career is now wandering and wading in sand?

Socialize Yourself

Anessa Stine and Dahni Ella

Anessa Stine and Dahni Ella

I know how hard and intimidating it can be to put yourself out there for others to see.  Socializing is not the easiest part of the job for many of us (I can be extremely shy).  However, you must make an effort to insert yourself into not only the professional modeling world but it’s social circles too!  Keep your eye on events, parties, shows and get togethers that are happening around SL fashion. Nearly every night of the week has at least one amazing event/party which you can take advantage of to build contacts.  Its a complete myth that the majority of the Second Life modeling and fashion industry is snotty, snobby and divaish.  There are many experienced models out there who would love to meet you and lend you a few tips as well!  Even our sexy, sassy and ever popular Supermodels are incredibly nice, helpful and quite approachable.  Remember, you don’t have a manager making these connections for you.  You will have to do it yourself but believe me its worth it.  I started having the absolute best time of my entire Second Life, and met the most amazing people, as soon as I got over my nerves and took a step forward towards making friends.

Find A Mentor And Friends With Similar Goals

I would be completely lost without my mentor.  Not only is she a mentor but she is also a friend, a confidant and a constant cheerleader.  I had to approach her for help though!  She didn’t come to me.  I feel its imperative that all models, new and seasoned, have someone within the industry to trust and lean on.  You will have many nights where you feel disheartened, disillusioned and may even feel like giving up.  Its during these times you will need someone to confide in who truly knows what you are going through.  If not a mentor, find a group of models you click with!  Where do you find such people?  Initiate contact with people you have worked with in the past.  Met a cool model during your last runway show?  Send him/her an IM to say hello!  Sounds so elementary but you would be amazed at how many people are too afraid to initiate contact (I am! But I am working on it).  During one of my fashion shows I decided to IM one of the models to ask if I looked ok.  In the process I mentioned to her I was so very nervous and afraid I would mess up.  She replied “OMG me too!!”  We’ve been friends ever since that day and have formed a great professional, as well as social, relationship.  Also look into joining modeling and fashion groups.  I can’t imagine modeling life without Runway Kidz!  There are several industry groups which provide support and socialization opportunities for their models.  Your journey towards Supermodel is going to take some time so don’t do it alone!

Several Runway Kidz Go Fishing!

Several Runway Kidz Go Fishing!

Patience, Patience, Patience

And here we come to my final and most important suggestion for those of you reaching for modeling stardom.  Patience.  I can’t take full responsibility though.  It was Anessa Stine who said to me, “Have patience…opportunities will come.”  That one sentence has stuck with me for quite awhile now and every day I see how true it really is.  If one opportunity passes you by, don’t worry – another will come soon!  In the meantime, enjoy your friends and enjoy all the new people you are meeting as you wade through the wavy waters of the Second Life modeling world.

xoxo Dahni Ella

Dahni Ella’s Return to Pin Ups

When RK Dahni Ella left her ongoing gig dj’ing at Retrology’s popular club Pin Ups, I wonder if she knew she’d eventually go back. Perhaps she didn’t think about it at the time. She was gone for a little while, but she’s back with a beautiful vengeance. Hot and upcoming on the SL Fashion scene, curvy, sexy Dahni is rocking the runway at every opportunity, most recently for Fortunate Productions’ racey lace and latex Kayliwulf and Insolence show. Anyone who sees Dahni can instantly see why she’s a model, the woman is drop dead gorgeous. But get to know Dahni too and you’ll see just how beautiful she is on the inside as well and why super talented RK Anessa Stine lovingly set up her Rez Day party at Pin Ups, complete with a spectacular sign in Dahi’s favorite colors and even with her favorite font for the letters!

An audibly emotional Dahni gushed a sweet thank you to Anessa on air as she expertly dj’d her own goth/vamp party with rockin’ tunes laced with her sultry, very pleasant voice. Complete with dancing naked girls on poles and chairs, trivia and contests with lindens literally falling from the ceiling for the winners, and many old friends who came to welcome her back, I’d say the party was a raging success!

Dahni “Hella” Ella has returned to her roots and will be dj’ing regularly at Pin Ups, Retrology, Wednesday nights from 7 to 9 SLT if you want to go check out why we love her style!

Signing off,
RK Alianna Logan

KaDeWe Savvy Avvy Show

February 14, 2008 1 comment

Celebrating Savvy Avvy by Zahara Rahja and Mathfew Alonzo  the casual cool style brand of sl

enjoy yours SJ

Muism feat. Dela shoes Presented by KMADD

January 12, 2008 Leave a comment

WOOT what a show stunning designs i sooolove Muism & Dela rise sl designs to a new height and awsomely presneted by KMADD agency and models 81 ppl were freaking out at this show ok i cant say too much just that i’am off to shop what i dont have lmao so i’ll leave you with the pics they speak for themself 😉

yours SJ