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Saturday’s Show – Neko/Goth + Skin/Hair

October 18, 2008 Leave a comment

Today, Saturday October 18, 2008 RK:1 celebrates alternative fashion designers:  Sweet Leonard, sn@tch, ~silentsparrow~ and Rfyre at the 2pm SLT neko/gothshow.  Then at 5pm SLT marks a huge hair/skin show with a list of great designers:  Lionskins, PXL, Skin Within, MMS, KA Designs, Xtreme Reality Skins, Belleza Skins, Adam n Eve, Zero Style, Exile, Frozen Turquoise Valentine and Persona.  We will end the day with a big six hour party, the whole grid is invited to!  Azufr3 Catteneo, Dahni Ella and me (yep i got the late late dj shift! will be djing for your listening pleasure at the gorgeous and magnificent Tempura Japanese Ballroom.  Sooooooo you early birds in europe and afternoon birds down under and in asia come join me, with everyone else who wants to stay up late State time.

+Summer Deadlight+
Founder, Team Leader
Runway Kidz @ 2008


Saturday, October 18th, 2008

Goth & Neko Fashion Show2pm slt
Skin & Hair Fashion Show 5pm slt

Runway Kidz Public Party at Tempura Island Ballroom
7 – 9 pm slt – DJ Azufr3 Catteneo
9-11pm slt – Djane Dahni Ella
11-1am slt – DJane Summer Deadlight



I got my swag on

May 14, 2008 1 comment

Summer Deadlight, Kitty ExtraWeirdonaire here! Im a dork and I love it, but nevermind that. Iz a big topic for another day, now I got a mishmash combo that just rwaks ^^ Getting my swag on!

I finally found someone who could make my tail fluffy! A hairstylist with vision! I have been using Hybrid’s ears and tails forever, and I love it. But when I saw the Hello Kitty edition of ears and tails by *FIFFERLING~LEONARD* Really great store if you are interested in the cewt neko trend. There are some bloody, urban styles, but I mean its Hello Kitty! 😀 Let me show you a more close up shot of the ears and tail.

As you can see, the Hello Kitty only pierces one ear, and so there is not alot to draw attention away from other aspects of your outfit, but its cool enough to say Hey! Gotta check these ears out *twitches her ears* See! Made ya look 🙂 The hair is a style by Magika! I love Magika hair btw! I thought the avaitor cap gave this look a better view of my eyes, plus iz just cool. Yanno Snoopy may be a dog, but imma shoot the red baron down too! I can fly…really.. with guns…on a make believe “Red Baron” dog .. house.. Umm..ok on to the tail! *distracts you*

Hair pins, punk bracer, chucks, key, hello kitty all on the PINK bandana wrapped tail. Can we say, new punk, sk8ter, poser, loser, girlie? Ya baby! iz cool no matter what! Mostly cuz its pink, but hey what can I say, I love the color pink \o/

Oh oh! next thing I want to show is my leg warmerz! These are also from *FIFFERLING~LEONARD*

Look at these babiez! My leg warmerz pwn yours! Not only is the kitty paw print cewt and patriotic to the Neko Nation, but we got the little mice charms, the rotten chain, a bit of dirty print and pair these up with the .:-CatniP-:. Dumpster Diver shoes (Upper boot part not worn) and you got a great look. See the blood on the one boot? See the spikes? Just cuz we neko’s are cewt dun mean we dun know how to give a beat down, not just in the bedroom. Street sense is a must for any kitty!

Final touches, would be the Sn@tch Shirt, the Cross of Oscuridad necklace, and the eyelashes from [Detour]. So there ya have it. Just remember that swag is not about keeping up with the crowd, or having the latest greatest thing from a designer brand. Its about showing off your own personal style, being who you are, not being afraid to wear your own trends, mish, mash, combo, style it up. This is your world, you be who you are, and make yourself stand out for it!

+Summer Deadlight+

Shirt: :::Sn@tch Wifebeater (Cockmouth)::: – Pulse (175, 216, 30)
Pants: :::Sn@tch Lowrise 69 Pants::: – Pulse (175, 216, 30)
Legwarmers: Trash Stulpi *FIFFERLING~LEONARD* -Stony Brook Beach (235, 245, 21)
Boots: Dumpster Divers ! .:-CatniP-:. in Hysteria(39, 53, 22)
Hair: Long Fly – White – ::::: MAGIKA ::::: – Magika Land (58, 79, 23)

Necklace: Cross of Oscuridad -[MoJovisions]- HQ, Bougainville (133, 81, 22)
*FIFFERLING~LEONARD* -Stony Brook Beach (235, 245, 21)
Eyelashes: Detour – Klee Dot Lashes – Detour (124, 108, 22)
Nails: : bijou : nail PS(cool)[onyx] – Takaraduka (170, 162, 33)

Kitteh loikz Playdayz

Well I was advised that I should make a cewt post. I was like, “but im cewte anyways!” See! -_- I think its because my Flickr is bipolar. Ahem, anyways! So what is cewt, fun to wear and gets my tail swishing happily? I decided to head to Bijou, which btw is one of my favorite stores. I love the designs and the textures of the clothes there, not to mention the fingernail polish packs RAR! I hadn’t been in the store lately, and the changes are really cool.

After Bijou I headed to Truth with Babyhoney Bailey. After some dancing at GOL, she mentions there is new hair. I am a hair addict, on the Mean Girls blog, there is a current poll up “if you could only buy one” my answer was a definite hair. I love hair! Need hair hair hair! Im addicted. So we show up over at Truth and put on demos, funne thing was about 12 other chicks show up right after us. Bho said “was there a notice sent out?” hahaha mebbe there was! But I liked this hair alot, and smacked it on my head.

The outfit is completed with my brand Summer Style. Froggie boots! Dun need no fancy schmancy shoes, just give me a pair of green wellies with froggie eyes and im ready to splash in the rain. Yup im a kitty that loves water. Prolly haff some Turkish Van in me somewhere. Who knowz!

There are some days that I really like mainstream fashion as opposed to the grungy urban neko style. Personally I love the Harajuka and Gawth Lolly style, but it has its time and place definitely. I like different looks, but usually is dependent on my emotional state. Today’s outfit is definitely a Playday outfit! Lets go swinging, hanging out downtown, dancing in the puddles after the rainstorm, and eating ice cream cones. Sounds good ta meh!

Top/Pants/Socks- :bijou: Focus[scull(pink)]: Takaraduka (170, 162, 33)
Boots- Froggy Wellies TU:  Tean (241, 77, 25)
Hair- *TRUTH* Elise [Blondes/Light Tips]:  Sweet Sorrow (106, 121, 26)

Summer Style

April 30, 2008 Leave a comment

Its a Summer Mash Up! I haven’t blogged in awhile, and I promised Daddeh (dont ask) that I would. Well Daddeh, here yo go. I want lotza pets n’ cuddles for it. Ahem. Anyways, besdies that what is a Kitty to do when her world gets turned upside down? Well this Kitty goes shopping! I have a flavor, and its my own Summer style.

Why do we wear what we do? Is it because we want to wear the latest trends? Dressing to impress? Self expression? I personally like to mix and mash up clothing and remain within a certain style. Whether I am modeling for a top named mainstream designer, or going gritty urban I choose to brand myself with what I like and feel expresses who I am. This can be something simple like a different hairstyle, a piece of jewelry that reminds you of just who you are, or just a whole look.

Today I feel junkie like. Not for drugs, but that hunger and craving you get when you feel unsatisfied with things that happen to you. We’ve all been there, when you feel like you’ve been through a cold winter and even though it is Spring you still wish for that warmth of a December fire. Ah how memorable that can be. We just need that one fix and then things will be ok.

The jacket is superb. The fur collar and wrists add a feel of flair and glam of the late 70s era, paired with the tight fit of the jacket and nothing underneath it makes it alluring in a downtown punk club way. The worn, almost dirty mini denim skirt shows alot of the thighs and can definitely give the guys a good look at your legs. I cannot say how much I love these chunky sole’d boots. They are detailed with a zipper up the sides and you definitely can mosh in them, but remained balanced. I’d wear these over heels anyday, because when your out looking for that fix, you dont need to be tramping 10 blocks in stilettos. Not unless you want to not be able to walk the next day. The finishing touches of course are the bloody scars and bandages cuz who knows what bish is gonna be wanting to get a beat down. Silly girls. This kitty will hold her own and a little blood and cuts wont stop her! So get these clothes on and apply that attitude!


Jacket: ^KB^ Punk Rock Piper Jacket – (Kitty Box: Klapheck (124, 204, 30)
Skirt: [SC] Surf Couture – Destroyed Denim Skirt – (Surf Co: Lions Shore (49, 176, 24)
Boots: Dangerous Sista Boots – (Primitive Designs: KybernEthik 1 (212, 129, 24)
Socks: Hookie Fishnets – (Refuge: SiniStyle (115, 196, 26)
Gloves: [Stripped Gloves] – ( [OutsiderZ]: RavKom (237, 206, 22)

Attachments & Layers

Strapped Bandages – ([Dystopia]: Funky Harbor (128, 66, 26)
Scratches – (Blood & Scars: Rollo (145, 37, 23)


Weirdo [Platinum] – (..:: MAGIKA ::.. Magika Land (156, 150, 25)

To show the effect, here is what I created with this outfit for Flickr:

Original URL:

Kickin it back Oldskoolz

January 23, 2008 2 comments

summerneko.jpgSo what does someone who placed in the top five finalists in Miss SL Universe (3rd or 4th place however you look at it) do after all the glitz and glamor is over? Well I’ll tell you what I did. I went home and got comfortable. Yes, I am Neko. To not be Neko is difficult for me, although I tend to role play a human for some fashion events, but my heart will always be kitty.

Before I was in the modeling/fashion world in SL, I was just a Kitty DJ working all over SL; sometimes 40-55 hours a week in various clubs. I always had my own sense of style and loved putting on things “I liked” no matter if others thought it was silly or weird. After Miss SL Universe, I had a sort of an epiphany.

I realized I had stopped being myself completely, chasing after the couture dreams, wearing the gowns, the high fashion and loving the limelight. Ok, I will always love the limelight frontstage or backstage, but I need to stay true to kitty self.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not want to stop modeling, or show production, or fashion related events, but the most important message I can give any new model, or even existing model: never stop being who you are. I loved being in Miss SL Universe, I made some new friends, felt that special sense of sisterhood, rehearsed and was a part of a very special and somewhat intense experience! I will never forget it as part of my SL life.

Yet the curtain does come down, the crowd stops applauding, time crawls forward and it becomes news of the past and you find yourself looking forward to the next project, the next show, the next big thing. So I am on a journey to get back in touch with who I was when I was a fresh faced, unknown neko that entered the fashion world winning a title and joining the ranks of ASpiRE. That is who I am and who I want to be. So I present to you, wearing a fashion style that I love and consider my own special kitty brand: Summer Deadlight kickin it back oldskoolz!


So we start off with earz! I usually wear Hybrid ears and tail, but I went shopping at .:-Catnip-:., Akasha Wachmann’s shop over at Hysteria and found these “.:-CatniP-:. OutCast Ears (damaged)” It has a bloodied bandage on one ear; NO it wasn’t from a fight with one of the other Miss Universe girlz, but Im not afraid to scrap it down alley style if I have to! There are two versions with different sized chains that attach from the left ear to the nose.


Next this necklace is just too awesome. I found Primitive Designs through Serinajane Loon, who thought it would be kitty love, and of course she was right! Geyer Schnyder is the creator and he has some great clothing, boots, belts, and accessories! He even has done some hair which I love. This necklace is “Primitive Design_Wired Love” and as you can see, totally grungy with a well designed heart that is pierced and barbed wire on a three loop cord necklace.


Back to Akasha’s “.:-CatniP-:. IV bag (milk)” I found it! A milk IV! What kitty doesn’t need her milk n’ calcium! Well I certainly do, so what better way than to have it fed straight into your system with an IV! It is very detailed accessory, and comes in different version such as coffee IV, liquor IV, etc. You’ll just have to go to Catnip to find out all the flavors available! Im a good kitty I drink my milk. You need shiny white teeth, strong bones and energies to get up on the runway and shine!

So you wonder what kind of milk I like? Well I personally like soy milk, or organic 2%. I think Akasha should make a whip cream IV. That would rwak! Hmm perhaps I missed it. Woot guess another trip to .:-Catnip-:. is in store for me!


This is that really cool “/artilleri/ 8ball wrist watch” from Antonio Marat. She makes some of the coolest retro/rockabilly stuff in all of SL. The design is sleek and well you know every model should know when to be where and at what time! Punctuality is a good thing. It fits to the right wrist comfortably and looks stylish whatever your style is. Hey who said Haute Couture couldn’t handle a retro watch? It can! If it fits your style, then slap that baby on your wrist!


Well down to the necessities of shoes and socks. These are my favorite type of tube socks and they come from Krius Misfit over at “Sinistyle.” You like boots? They got some great boots and more alternative/dark/grunge/goth stuff over there. These are “SiniStyle Tube Red.” There are nine colors for both the tube socks and the gym socks (ripped/dirty version): Orange, Red, Violet, Yellow, Black, Blue, Green, Grey and Indigo. The shoes are KK Outfitters “Hi-Top Kool Kicks (Women’s Black).” They come in Hi-top and Lo-top versions, in all sorts of colors and textures. The only downside is that they are no-mod, so they seem to be a little loose, but hey, the quality is nice for converse like shoes and they are comfortable!

So there you have it! This is my outfit of the day, on my journey back to Summer from the Block (j-lo haterz i know your out there!)

+Summer Deadlight+

Hair: Deviant Kitties – Copper – Red Licorice
Dress: *13 Needles Tattoos* – Milky gurrl dress (13)
Tattoo: [ addiXion – Fairy Tribal Tattoo ]
Glasses: /artilleri/ Rhinestone Retro glasses! (Polly)

Naughty Neko Fashionshow Pics

November 29, 2007 Leave a comment

What an event! It was dedicated to showcase some of SL’s HOT fashion Kittys.
Such detailed clothing O.O I have never found in sl before WOOOT!!!
Designers: Sauer Holt, Passionate Neko Dreams, Purrrfect Kitties, .:-CatniP-:., Canimal,
our own Summer Deadlight, Naturelle Santos and many other hot models rocked the runway.  The show was hosted by Ally Geer, President of ASpiRE modeling agency.


Yours SJ

Naughty Neko Fashion Show

November 25, 2007 1 comment


Fashion show today sponsored by Naughty Neko’s vendors and Colleen Join. ASpiRE modeling agency will be presenting the fashion show featuring such designers as Akasha Wachman from .:Catnip:., Philo Sion of Hybrid, plus more! There are activities all day starting at 10am slt.

10-2pm: Slingo

-All day Scavenger Hunt
-Fashion Show @ 2pm
-Best in Black/Red event after fashion show with DJ Kylie Repine, prize is 1000L
-DJ Throwndown starting at 5pm:

  • 5-5:30 Crusher jewell
  • 5:30-6 Summer Deadlight
  • 6-6:30 Kylie Repine
  • 6:30-7 Jakyl Lightfoot
  • 7-7:30 Tripper Kidd
  • 7:30-8 Shylilsista Avis

Please come out and join us in the Cheeneko Sim: =^.^= Click here for Slurl =^.^=