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The Garment Rack: Fashion-Nation Season One!

April 29, 2011 Leave a comment

I know! I know! It’s been a minute since I’ve brought you anything new but there is very good reason! Besides the normal pulls of the real world, SL has had me especially busy as well. They say when a door closes, another opens. Well, when one door closed for this blogger, another at Virtual World Network opened in the form of a show called Fashion-Nation where I was given the extraordinary opportunity to be host!

What is Fashion-Nation, or Virtual World Network, you may ask. Virtual World Network (VWN1™) – is a Mixed-Reality Internet Television Network, produced and owned by Ishelwood Studio, that aims to take the media landscape by storm, by bringing both virtual and real worlds closer together though innovative, mixed reality media and HD quality entertainment. Fashion-Nation, provides a forum for fresh talented designers that wish to show their latest collections and while doing so provide some insight on their designs and inspiration to our viewer.

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Summy Kawaii 2010

July 8, 2010 1 comment


Hello! Its been forever and a day here at Runway Kidz blog.  On prompting from my bestie and cherished peer Winter Jefferson, I’m bringing you this fun look:  Summy Kawaii 2010.  I went to the Albero Summer Gatcha Festival and picked up 2000L worth of Gacha items.  I only have a few in this look, but I have tons in my inventory and hope to pepper them into my daily looks.  Which I plan to show a lot more of.  As a working mainstream and alternative model in SL since 2007, I have become very versatile in my looks and settling for what works best for me.  This is just a facet of my flavors;  just call me Baskin Robbins 31+.

I love these colors! Its very fresh and exciting, not to mention cute.  I always love a Japanese style, they are really in the forefront with so many different fun styles that quite a few genre’s have come from that island country!  Many think of europe for new emerging trends, I totally look towards Asia myself.  But I love all styles and mixing and matching the best.  The outfit was given as a prezzie from Winter, it is ::: B@R ::: Decora Chan.  Decora fashion is so cute! with all the little colorful accessories, hairclips, and layering this is totally WIN!  The outfit includes the skirt, jacket, top, pants, socks, underwear layer, fuzzy leggings, and not shown: a mask and head parts which include hair clips and glasses, but I chose to wear something different.  June Dion always makes affordable and amazing clothing for many years now! ❤ Bare Rose.

I’ve added a bag I bought at Modern Gypsy the other day.  Micah Kanto had a continental breakfast party and I ended up DJ’ing and of course being the fashion kitty I am, I cammed and shopped \o/  This bag is EPIC.  The glasses, as you can see in other photos better, are from =u.u= KaWai – Glasses Pink, a brand by Rossy Darwin.  They come in different colors, but I’m a pink freak so I choose you Pink Glasses!

I want to take a minute and focus on this boombox. Is this not the cutest thing ever!! I got it at the Gacha Summer Festival, and this was a prize from the Gacha machine that Katat0nik Pidgeon made! She is amazing, always making the cutest styles. I played Gacha and got the featured here Kitty Boombox.  I also got the Frog Boombox, the HypnoPanda Boombox, and the Starstruck Boombox.  There are many other types, so you’ll just have to attend the festival, play Gacha and see what you get!

Part of the Gacha Summer Festival I also got these cute ::{u.f.o}::rain boots – ????, which was a rare prize I am guessing from the ???, and the DDD_CS_[6]Watermelon bar came out of a Gacha machine made by Tuki Loon.  This strawberry Adirondack chair came from the Lark Strawberry Festival back in early June.  The hair of course is new and is Tukinowaguma Mireia in Gold.  The skin I got off a lucky board from Mother Goose.  I want to say that I did enhance the first head shot photo with CS5, but the other photos were not post processed, so you can see how the items look as is.  I hope you have a great day!!  Kawaiiiiiii \o/


Outfit:  ::: B@R ::: Decora Chan

Hair:  Tukinowaguma Dora Gold+Flower

Boots:  ::{u.f.o}::rain boots – ????  ( random prize from Gacha Summer Festival) –

Boombox:  Kitty Boombox *Katat0nik*  (random prize from Gacha Summer Fesival) –

Tote:  [MODERN GYPSY]-Pop Culture Bag: “Celebrity”

Glasses:  =u.u= KaWai – Glasses Pink (2009)

Skin:  .::Mother Goose’s::. Lewrence LB (Lucky Board)

Food:  DDD_CS_[6]Watermelon bar ( random prize from Gacha Summer Festival) –

VBusiness FashionEXPO presented by Best Of SL & first META

The Boulevard agency Organized 4 fashionshows for this EXPO Staff of Boulevard agency & Best of SL did an awsome job in the front row Jonny Tobias & Giela Delapaso.  All Shows were just great as I walked in two shows myself I was only able to take pics of Day 2. But still you can find some pics from other RK’s such as Anessa Stine from day 3 for example so take a look there if you care 😉 day nr. 2 featured designers such as Naima, Indira Bekkers, ICING and CHEZ.

So just enjoy the pics yours SJ

KaDeWe Savvy Avvy Show

February 14, 2008 1 comment

Celebrating Savvy Avvy by Zahara Rahja and Mathfew Alonzo  the casual cool style brand of sl

enjoy yours SJ

Muism feat. Dela shoes Presented by KMADD

January 12, 2008 Leave a comment

WOOT what a show stunning designs i sooolove Muism & Dela rise sl designs to a new height and awsomely presneted by KMADD agency and models 81 ppl were freaking out at this show ok i cant say too much just that i’am off to shop what i dont have lmao so i’ll leave you with the pics they speak for themself 😉

yours SJ

H & W Fashionshow featuring the Miss universe Candidates

January 12, 2008 Leave a comment

another chance for the Miss Universe wannabes to show their talent and so easy in Callie Cline, Ivalde & house of Nyla Designs see the beautys in the lovly designs enjoy yours SJ

The (inofficial) Miss universe bash woot!

December 30, 2007 3 comments

But let me tell ya it was the official greatest party of the year… darn everybody was there!!!
Models, Designers, Jugdes, Celebritys, Nobodys, crazy people , fun people & the party people
whaaat u wasnt???
shame on u lmao u missed OUT!
well for all u poor things here is the picture stream enjoy yours SJ